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Cali 08/08/2009
Once again I am in Cali, this time in transit. The Urualla convention was a huge success and as I leave for school tomorrow, I am indeed refreshed, not to mention the good job by oga! Oh yeah, the Hermosa experiment was a huge success, the ladies loved the Dashiki...Hopefully it works everywhere else! See ya in the laki!
Today I leave Fermilab. It has been a wonderful summer and I truly cherish the great experience.
The Tevatron 06/15/2009

Today I commenced my 10 hour work schedule. It has been as gruelling as I anticipated...Like waking up at 5:00AM isn't enough, i have to work for ten hours  a couple of feet below the ground. Benefits? I get to see first-hand, the Tevatron, the largest running particle accelerator in the world! I would be performing level runs in all sectors across the accelerator's 4 mile orbit. Plus we have golf carts! Should be fun!!!

Arrgrhh 06/12/2009

I need a haircut!!!

Downtown 05/24/2009

Still in Chicago, went downtown and met my alter-ego today!

That was before the duel!
This was after!
Friday! 05/22/2009

It's Friday and I anticipate a long and boring day.
It ended up just as i expected. Conducted some background work on the Sonaswitch device. So happy it's a Friday!
Went to downtown Chicago later in the evening, played super mario bros with some Puerto Rican Rum, free popcorn and pizza at 2am. Great!

Level Training 05/21/2009

First full day of work devoid of any safety training. Was a long day dedicated to being trained on other aspects of my job instead. I learnt the basics of centering idiot bubbles on the Rosie!


First Day at Work.
My first day started with orientation and paperwork/document processing at the highrise. This was completed in time for lunch with my mentor. I then proceeded to meet other members of my research group. I was given a tour of the lab/work area and also a mini-tour of 5% of the 6800 acre Fermilab site. I am very excited to begin training! What a fruitful day!

In Transit 05/18/2009

Departed my place of residence for my internship at Fermilab today. I woke up quite early in the morning today(about 4 o'clock) because my flight was to depart at six.  I had to run between connecting flights in Denver, CO just to make it into the plane headed to Ohare Airport, Chicago.
Ohare Airport, Chicago.
Well i guess i ran faster than my luggage could follow!
He was going to arrive at the airport two hours late becaus e(apparently) he  possesses neither my speed nor my wit. I proceeded to request that he be delivered to my apartment.
I was picked up at the airport following a call to the limo dispatcher and met a fellow intern on my ride down to the Fermilab SIST apartments.
I was priveleged to meet the program director and my fellow summer interns. I then settled in to my new abode.

Welcome 05/14/2009

Welcome to my blog page. This blog will cover most of my experiences starting from the summer of 2009. Stay tuned!